To trot out to a show, you must go to the finest speakeasies, some of which include; Hughs Room (Toronto,) The Dakota Tavern (Toronto,) Bearly's House of Blues (Halifax,) The Spotted Cat (New Orleans) This Ain't Hollywood (Hamilton,) Burlington Performance Arts Center (Burlington,) and dozens of other gin mills around the country. If they aren't playing at these spots, they may be down South — their favorite states being North Carolina and New Orleans playing tunes in taverns and on Royal Street in the French Quarter. They may be skipping over the seas to play festivals at such places as Denmark for the Skagen Festival, over to Florida for the Daytona Blues Festival, Philadelphia for the International Jewish Film festival and numerous other big banger festivals in Canada. Lo & behold though, if you hear the velvety howl of a 1920's gent, the mouthy talkin' back of a fine lady and the slappin bass of a Southerner, keep trotting towards them as they may be performing at your new favourite saloon!