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Patchy Patch

Patchy Patch

Hand sewn by Spades! Thimbles, jugs, washboards, kitty's & dice depending on her mood!

The vaudevillian bees knees honey

Bees Knees Honey

The Vaudevillians' original tune, "Sweet Honey Thighs" inspired this little cure-all to be added to their tickle trunk!be sure to add a teaspoon of this honey into every pot of Libido Tea you brew!

libido tea

Dr. Spades' Libido Tea

Truly effective in the most efficient of ways! Strictly 1 teapot per day.

the vaudevillian button bonkers

Button Bonkers

Hand made by Piedmont of the oddest and rarest finds!

the vaudevillian post cards

Freak Show Postcards

Write us and stay in touch with loved ones with The Vaudevillians' home made postcards!

the vaudevillian shot glasses

"Prohibition is over!" Shotglasses

Drink whiskey with Piedmont & Jitterbug James or have a shot of gin with Norah!

the vaudevillian sticky stickers

Sticky Stickers

Cartoon by Cartoon Bob.

The trinkety tincture tickle trunk

The Trinkety Tincture Tickle Trunk

Take a ponder into their tickle trunk to find the most amazing & marvellous Cure-Alls, Tonics, Tinctures & Snake Oils that Dr. Spades has brewed & gathered from New Orleans, abandoned homes, voodoo ladies & Mental Floss Sideshows' Dr. Tann!
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The vaudevillian t-shirts

Terrific T-Shirts

Hand made by Piedmont while he drinks whiskey!

The vaudevillian t-shirts

The Vaudevillian CD

Bringing Satan Down, 2016.